A label and distribution service created by artists, for artists.

NUINE, ( pronounced noon - nuːn ) is a boutique label and creative sanctuary for artists who desire the attention, understanding and assistance from a network of established creatives. Simply put, it’s a label run by artists, for artists.

As much as we are a record label, NUINE also serves as an educational platform and entry point for the next generation of musicians, creatives & industry professionals. We have developed an array of educational and internship programs that can provide opportunities for students who want hands on experience in the wider music industry.

We are devoted to continue developing our network of creatives that share a passion for music and the creative arts, though beyond this is a drive to set a new precedent for transparent business relationships with artists by placing an emphasis on their learning. If we can assist musicians to reach financial independence and sustainability by fostering an understanding of the industries governing mechanics, we have fulfilled the role we believe a label should provide. A sanctuary to precipitate growth and creative exploration.